Blastman B20S Gantry Style Blasting Robot

Part no. SBRB20S

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The Blastman B20S Robot is a gantry-mounted unit, outfitted with extendable swivel arms and telescopic movement around the blast room.

This blast robot is extremely versatile, with 8 axes of motion that allow to easily cover the entire blasting area of a blast room facility and access even the most difficult to reach parts of a workpiece.


Blastman gantry-mounted robotics are typically used in blasting facilities where jobs require a wider range of motion than what can be achieved by wall-mounted units.

This unit is extensively used for blasting passenger rail cars. Its ability to move about the entire blasting facility combined with its extremely flexible arm allow it to reach through windows of the passenger car to blast the interior surface.


  • Flexible movement along longitudinal, vertical, and horizontal planes
  • Flexible arm with up 8 axis of motion
  • 2 nozzle brackets with diameters ranging between .5” to .75”
  • Up to 145 psi capacity
  • Customizable machinery dimensions according to blast chamber and workpieces.
  • Durable component parts to ensure smooth operation in harsh blasting environments.