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All Blast Room Personnel Lifts

Blast Room Personnel Lifts are used in the Blasting and Painting Industry, typically, in Blast Booths or Paint Booths to move the Operator i.e.: the Blaster or the Painter, to reach large objects and get around them without having to use ladders, which are dangerous from a safety and personnel fatigue issue. 

Using a Personnel Lift, the Operator can easily access large objects up and down and from side to side anywhere in the Blast Booth. Typical installation would have Personnel Lifts either side of the Blast Room or the Paint Booth. This allows 2 Operators to work simultaneously in the Blast Room without any obstructions. 

Personnel Lifts are fully customizable to your unique requirements. Although there are some pre-engineered solutions which come standard, but anything custom is also possible. 

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