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There are many different types of Control Systems available for Blasting Equipment. They're either operated pneumatically or electrically and use similar valves. 

One set of Valves handles the air. In the past many Valves have used Clemco Style Valves, which have an inlet Valve and an Outlet Valve where they operate simultaneously to let the air in and close the outlet off. And then when the Deadman Handle is released by the Operator, the inlet Valve is closed, and the outlet Valve is opened to release the air back into the atmosphere. 

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Recent developments by Schmidt Abrasive Blasting introduced the Combo Valve, which is a combination of the inlet and the outlet simultaneously, reducing wear parts and your maintenance requirements dramatically. These Deadman Control Systems are linked up by either a pneumatic Hose or Electric Cable to a Deadman Handle, which is controlled and operated by the Blasting Operator. 

Other options are available, such as Remote Abrasive Cutoff, which will allow the Blasting Operator to turn off his abrasive but maintain air to allow him to blow down the surface. Other Control Systems include Operator Safety, when blasting without a Blast Room you can route the Control System past the man door on the Blast Room, so if anybody opens the man door, it does not become a safety hazard, it turns off the Blast Pot. 

Many other systems are available, including Fast Shut Down, Fast Start Up, Long Distance Blasting and much more. See also, our products for Abrasive Metering, which is the other part of the Control System for a Blast Pot. 

Every Blast Pot needs a seriously good Metering Valve. The job of the Metering Valve is to accurately and finitely meter the amount of abrasive that enters the Blasting Stream to ensure the perfect mix at the Nozzle for the Operator. Typically, in the past using cheap abrasives like Slag or Sand, Operators haven't worried as much about having a high quality, high production Metering Valve. The recent introductions of GMA Garnet and other high-quality abrasives have made it necessary to have high quality Metering Valves to ensure you do not waste abrasive, but have the optimal blasting experience. 

High quality Metering Valves operate using a plunger design and is controlled by the Pot Tender with a Screw Head. The Pot Tender can simply screw the top of the Valve open or closed depending on whether the Operator needs more or less. Giving you finite control over your abrasive flow to ensure you have an optimum blasting experience. 
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