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The Blast Hose is an integral part of any abrasive blasting system. That is why high quality blast hoses should be selected and insisted on instead of poorly designed ones constructed with poor quality materials.

Cheap blasting hoses which seem a good bargain at the time are available, but when the ‘true quality’ begins to show, the reality is you have paid too much for an inferior product! If cheaper blasting hose has been made from recycled rubber, the probable life of the hose could be as meagre as 150-200 hours. With a high quality blast hose, the expectant life is 400-500 hours (depending on the abrasive used). You would be better off paying for a good quality, well constructed abrasive blasting hose.

It’s not only the quality, cost and how long it lasts – will it protect you adequately from electric shock? The safety factor should come into the equation when making this important purchase.

BlastOne SupaLife blast hose is manufactured using virgin natural rubber with carbon black graphite. This has anti-static qualities to eliminate the problem by dissipating the static electricity through the wall of the blast hose.

BlastOne’s high quality SupaLife blast hose is constructed using a 2-ply or 4-ply arrangement – highly woven cord linings which are placed in a cross ply pattern to add strength, but still allow the blast hose the flexibility that it requires.

So the choice is yours – a costly unsafe recycled rubber blast hose with bad design or insist on a BlastOne SupaLife quality blast hose that is safe and value for money.
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