Schmidt Thompson Valve 2

Part no. GV2152007

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The Schmidt Thompson Valve 2 is a next-generation Thompson Valve designed to provide the ultimate in metering performance. It is a normally closed, seal sealing, abrasive metering valve with instant, smooth response to either pneumatic or electric deadman controls.  


The Thompson II valve shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle while sealing the abrasive tank.  Ideal for multiple outlet use.  Pot stays pressurized to give you quicker response.  Perfect for spot blasting.

Not recommended for use with fine dusty abrasive commonly used in the powder coating industry.


  • Rugged, simple, bolted construction
  • 1¼" (32mm) thread abrasive inlet port
  • Features 1" (25mm) thread side-cleanout port
  • Threaded-plunger metering design with air actuated operation.
  • Heavy Duty tungsten carbide sleeve
  • Specify air connection size
  • Use HF BTC blast coupling - not included (order separately)
  • Suitable for use with all approved blasting abrasives