Masterflo Enclosed Spray Booths

Part no. SBMFME

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The Enclosed Spray Booth design provides for a highly increased level of finish as all make-up air is finely filtered to remove the finest dust particles. 
This design can be coupled with either the Dry Filter or Retractable Work Area System. 

  • Brand - MASTERFLO 
  • Model - MFE 
  • Compliance - AS/NZ 4114; Parts 1 & 2 
  • Width - From 1220mm 
  • Depth - From 1220mm 
  • Height - From 2135mm 

  • Motor Size - From 0.55kW 
  • Filter type - Corrugated Card, HE+, Fibreglass 
  • Compressed Air Consumption: From 10cfm 
  • Control System Fully Compliant. Includes, Pre-Purge & Post Purge Cycles, Hour Run Meter, Pressure Switch, Compressed Air Solenoid, Fault Alarm & Isolator. 
  • Air Flow: Min 0.5kW/sec through work area 
  • Power Source 3 Phase Electrical 
  • Duty Cycle 100% 
  • Supplied As: Kit Form or Turnkey 
  • Recommended Uses: Industrial Manufacturing, Furniture Finishing, Automotive Restoration, etc 
  • Suitable For: Medium to High Level finishing applications