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Productivity in paint booths are significantly increased with the addition of a personnel lift system which are designed to remove ladders, scaffolds, or other manually propelled work platforms.  These man lifts offer a safer more efficient work surface. Most existing blast rooms and paint booths can be equipped with one or more of our personnel lift systems.

Finishing large equipment often presents challenges and safety issues toward accessing all surfaces of the product. Paint Booth Personnel lifts are a reliable solution to most of these challenges.
BlastOne is a proud distributor and installer of Wall-Man lift systems designed for industrial paint finishing booths. We offer both mobile and wall-mounted man lift systems with 2 axis and 3 axis movement capabilities.  Our products also come in either pneumatic or hydraulic lift.  

We can design, engineer, and install a system for any facility and our sales and engineering teams will work with you to integrate a system that maximizes the efficiency and safety of your finishing process.

BlastOne can consult, design, and commission paint booth man lifts for all industrial sectors including military, marine, aviation, trucking, bus, and others. Our customer support and sales teams are always ready to answer any of your personnel lift questions. Contact BlastOne and discover our superior equipment, superior abrasives and superior know-how.

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