Graco King Spray Pump w/ Integrated Filter

Part no. GMXL70FH1

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The Graco King pneumatic airless paint sprayers are the most powerful machines for protective coating application. 

The Graco King's performance is unmatched in the industry, able to tackle even the toughest jobs. Optimized for durability, the pump also features a streamlined design to reduce maintenance time and costs.

Comes in a wide range of sizes and ratios. Request a consultation to determine which spray pump best suits your application.


The Graco King spray pump is designed for the most demanding jobs. It's powerful enough to allow multiple sprayers to work from the same pump, with less pulsation and reduced icing potential. 

This is one of our most popular setups for the Graco King.


  • XL6500 motor
  • Output per cycle: 180cc
  • Maximum PSI 7250
  • Heavy duty cart
  • Standard complete package with air kit, siphon kit and hose/gun kit