RPB Nova 3 Air Fed Helmet Respirator

Part no. HLNV370250R

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RPB Nova 3 AirFed blasting Helmet Respirators are one of the highest quality Respirators on the market today. With the fit and click inner lens system that allows for the simple replacement of lenses even when wearing restrictive blasting gloves. Durability of design and materials to create a unbreakable super protective Helmet Respirator shell. The light grey surface of the Helmet Respirator actively reflects heat while the vibrant green ensures visibility within a high risk workspace. Comfort fit padding and molding side pads encase the head for superior comfort and hearing protection.


Safety gear for all blasters.


  • Certifications include:  NIOSH / CE / ANSI 287 / ANSI 289.1
  • Comes with a premium cool air tube & 28" Nylon Cape
  • Unbreakable / durable / super protective helmet shell
  • High pressure injection moulded from engineering grade nylon.  Built for harsh conditions.
  • Larger viewing windo; provides optimum downward vision and maximum peripheral vision, because safety is important.
  • Large glove-sized latch; tough, easy to locate
  • Comfort fit padding system; moulded side pads encase the ears