20000 cfm Mobile Dust Collector

Part no. DFDC20000D

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BlastOne dust collectors have been designed for Blasting and Painting Contractors. Using a high pressure fan gives contractors the ability to run long lengths of ducting, which is critical on most large projects. Suction pressure is measured by a water gage and this unit will give you 20,000 cfm suction at 16" w.g. or 28,000 cfm suction at 12" w.g.

Available for Rental or Hire in Australia, New Zealand and United States.


Dust laden air travels down the ductwork and enters into the dirty air inlet plenum at the rear of the Dust Collector. Here the heavier particles drop out of the air stream. The air is then drawn through a large bank of high efficiency filter cartridges where the dust is deposited on the outside of the filter cartridges. Filtered air passes through to the clean air plenum and passes through the fan blower to atmosphere. The cake of dust on the cartridges is dislodged continuously by an automatic reverse pulse jet. Dust drops into the hopper of the collector and is transferred by a screw conveyor to a conveniently located dust outlet for easy transfer to a receptacle for disposal.

Filtration 36x high efficiency cartridges
Filter cleaning Timed cycle reverse air pulse
Air inlets Up to four 20” duct inlets
Air-to-Cloth ratio 2.46:1 at 20,000 cfm
Air Flow 20,000 cfm @ 16” w.g.
28,000 cfm @ 12” w.g.
Filter Media 8,136 ft2 Ultra-Filtration Media
Efficiency 99.99% at 0.5 micron particle
Engine 90HP Kohler Diesel Tier 4 Final
Fan Backwards inclined high pressure fan
Dimension 292” L x 96” W x 125” H
Finish High quality polyurethane top coat


Ever had to replace filters on a Dust Collector? It’s a tough job right? Dirty filters are heavy, dusty, dirty... some Dust Collectors make it even worse by making you climb on top of the dust collector to open an access door and have to vertically lift these filters onto the top of the unit. The poor mechanic! Blast-One has a very maintenance friendly design: all filters are accessed through the side of the unit – most of them from the ground level. The filters glide easily out of the unit and new ones slide right back in.
Do you ever need to run long lengths of duct hose, sometimes over 100ft? It is important that the Dust Collector fan is engineered to be able to maintain high capacity whilst running long ducts. A high pressure fan does this. Many Dust Collector manufacturers over-rate their units. 

Control boards are provided for the engine management system and reverse pulse control. 

For ease of maintenance, filter replacement and filter life – Blast-One Dust Collectors have an extra 30% space between the filters than other leading brand Dust Collectors which means far better dust release leading to longer filter life. 

Filters are designed to capture what the eye can’t see, collecting 99.99% of air-borne particles over 0.5 microns. Suitable for lead containment, these cartridges last twice as long as the other cartridges on the market today. 

To ensure the filters are cleaned consistently, all Blast-One Dust Collectors utilize a compressed air, reverse pulse blast to clean the dust cake from the filter cartridges. These are operated automatically when the unit is running. 

The unloading system consists an auger powered by a hydraulic motor. A waste receptacle is fitted air-tight to the discharge so the auger can discharge continuously. Cheaply manufactured dust collectors have air powered augers which are serious maintenance headaches!