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BlastOne carries a wide range of equipment and supplies that you need on your jobsite. Supplies from Tape, Paint Brushes, Buckets, Brooms and Shovels. All the way up to Air Compressors. Air Compressors are a vital tool for any blasting or painting Operator, as they supply the source of air for abrasive blasting and for the painting. 

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Choosing the right size Compressor can be one of the most important considerations and decisions that a Blasting Operator will make. Having too little air will mean you waste time on the job and will be ineffective in the field. 

Dust Collection is also an important aspect of a sandblasting project. How will the Operator be able to see and maintain safety inside of a confined space, especially a tank? A large industry is sandblasting oil tanks where there is typically a lot of surface rust, which makes a lot of dust when abrasive blasted. 

There are many options for Dust Collection. The simplest being a High Powered Fan or an Air Mover. All the way up to a large Diesel or Electric Dust Collector, which can be used and easily mobilized onto a jobsite. There are many options that are available for purchase or for rent. Don't hesitate to contact BlastOne for all those essential options and for spare parts related to any equipment. 
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