Abrasive Blasting Equipment

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Blasting equipment is used in the corrosion control industry to prepare a surface for a application of a protective coating. There are multiple techniques to achieve a successful surface preparation procedure, but the use of abrasive media blasting has long been established as the way to achieve the cleanest and most adhesive surface for a high quality protective coating to adhesion.

If you have the correct blast unit with the right moisture removal system, nozzle and hoses, any project can compete at the highest level of productivity.

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A Complete Range of Blasting Equipment

Which Blast Machine is right for your application?

Portable Contractor Blast Pots

Built for the Industrial Blasting Contractor, these Blast Pots are high production, durable and highly portable. Contractors can choose from a range of different sized pots, ranging from 1.0 cuft to 10 cuft. The high performance of these pots comes from the large bore piping and the non-restrictive valving used. This ensures that contractors use the minimum amount of abrasive possible.

MegaBlaster Bulk Pots

BlastOne MegaBlasters are designed to maximise the cost savings of volume production. These high productivity blasting systems feature multi-outlet Thompson Valve II controls that allow each operator independent control of their abrasive media flow. MegaBlasters hold enough abrasive for 2 to 4 operators to blast all day without stopping. Sizes range from 75 cuft (4 ton) up to 500 cuft (30 ton).

Blasting Packages

Customized blasting packages for Industrial Contractors. These packages are designed for specific industries and specialized uses. With a purpose designed blasting system, blasting contractors will experience 30% higher productivity, guaranteed.

  • Blasting Pipelines

  • Oil Storage Tanks

  • Water Towers

are just some of the industries served....

Multi Media Pots

Multi-Media blast pots add flexibility to blasting operations.

The Schmidt M-Series blast pots are designed for use with specialty medias like soda, walnut and corncob, while also be efficient for blasting with garnet and other more standard abrasives. If you are often changing your abrasive media, you can now use this single system for all your projects.

Wet Abrasive Blasting

Wet Abrasive blasting is also known as vapor blasting or mist blasting. These Blast pots are designed to minimize airborne dust particles and reduce your abrasive consumption dramatically. Mist blasting uses a mixture of compressed air, garnet and water to provide a less dusty blasting experience. There are a number of different technologies and effective ways that can help you achieve this less dusty result.

Vacuum Blasting

Many projects are now requiring that open blasting be contained or even abandoned because of airborne dust which enters other process areas or upsets neighbours. Vacuum Blasting is an ideal alternative for some of these projects. Vacuum blasting uses a dual blast and vacuum work piece to provide dust and contaminant encapsulation right at the source of the problem.

Different systems range from very portable Blast, Vacuum and Recycling systems to large production blasting and vacuum systems.

Blastroom Blasting Equipment

Blastrooms typically use a different range of blast pots to what contractors use, but they still have the same high production features and benefits. Most Blastroom blast equipment is 150psi rated, capable of handling two or more operators and will be used in conjunction with a large storage hopper and recycling system. Some additional safety features can be incorporated like having the blast pots wired up to the personal doors so they automatically stop blasting when the doors are opened.

Air Dryers

AirPrep air dryers are undoubtedly one of the most critical components of a blasting system. Blaster Contractors and facilities who use an airdryer are 15% more productive per man hour. And use 10% less abrasive. Moisture is a blasters #1 enemy, but its is often overlooked when someone is first investing in a blasting system. AirPreps range in size depending on how many blasters will be using the air from them, and you can also choose between having an air cooler or deliquescent style dryer.

Airless Wheel Blast

Airless Wheel Blasting Technology is one of the most cost-effective ways to abrasive blast. Typically these machines are found in large steel fabricators, foundries and Equipment Manufacturers. Having a consistent size and shape of the object to be blasted is one of the key considerations when putting in a Wheel blast system. They can be incorporated into a single blast and paint finishing line, or as a batch-use system, depending on your unique needs.

Superior Metering Valves

BlastOne use the Schmidt MicroValve and Thompson Valve abrasive metering valves to give the blasting operator grain by grain metering ability. This ensures that you are using the right amount of abrasive on every project. Use these metering valves in conjunction with high flow Air Valves that have large porting and minimal pressure drop, and use Speed Blast Garnet Abrasive – your equipment is the most efficient in the industry and you will out perform your competitors everytime.

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