Abrasive Recycling Solutions

Learn about the different methods of Abrasive Recycling

The basics of Abrasive Recycling Solutions

Abrasive recycling systems present the opportunity to reuse abrasive blasting media through multiple blasting cycles. Not all abrasives media are grade for recycling however when a recyclable abrasive media is use project typically experience lower consumption costs and therefor a higher return of profit from a blasting projects.

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Blastroom recycling systems

In a Blast room you have a controlled environment and you can effectively recycle your abrasive a lot of times. There are 3 different types of blast room recycling systems, Gravity Feed Classifiers, Magnetic Separators and Cyclonic Separators. The Recycling system forms part of the whole Abrasive Recovery Solution and is covered in detail in this further article.

Mobile onsite recycling systems

Recycling on a job site is often very difficult, you are fighting with weather conditions and job site anomalies. The most common abrasive to be recycled onsite is Steel Grit, where you have purpose built equipment to help minimize some of the conditions.