Vacuum Blasting Machines and Systems

Working where no dust or debris is tolerated.

Vacuum blasting machines and systems, also referred to as dust-free blasting, minimizes disruption to the surroundings through dust and abrasive containment. The working speed is lower compared to open blasting and therefore this method is used predominantly for spot repairs, welding seams and in situ blasting.

Used as an alternative to containment for site blasting, a vacuum blasting system combines blasting and vacuum recovery. The system can include a pressure blast pot, vacuum pump, separator and dust collector in one portable self-contained unit. The combination of these components provides a closed-circuit system of blasting and abrasive recovery, cleaning and reuse, with strict dust control.

Vacuum blasting system benefits

In a vacuum blasting system, the abrasive blasting and abrasive recover is simultaneous. The spend abrasive is confined in a small vicinity of the job surface and is pneumatically withdraw and returned to abrasive storage containment for recycling. Suction is achieved either with the assistance of compressed air, vacuum pumps or electric motor drive blower.

Another advantage of vacuum blasting systems is the closed circulation. This enables a continuous usage of the blasting medium, which is not only eco-friendly but also economically advantageous. The effortless handling, the low noise level and the need of no special high power outlet facilitates the operations.

Vacuum blasting systems are an alternative to pressure washers and dry-ice blasting, due to its easiness, accessibility and advantageous applicability.

Abrasive media used with Vacuum blasting units.

Garnet abrasive media

Highly suited to vacuum blasting applications, garnet can be reused for up to 8 cycles and combines a very low dust factor with a high blasting speed especially for the removal of light to medium coating thicknesses across a broad range of substrates.

Steel grit abrasive media

This media is very use-efficient, as it can be reused for up to 1000 cycles. However, it has a very low speed-of-blast rating and is not suited to corrosion control applications.

Aluminum Oxide abrasive media

Aluminum Oxide can be reused for up to 100 cycles and has a very low dust factor, but is not suitable for corrosion control applications. It can be used prior to hot metal spraying, plating or ceramic coatings, and also for etching and deburring.