What size air hose to use with a conventional pressure pot



Troubleshooting Thick Paint

When working with a thick coating and a pressure pot, contractors often encounter issues with atomizing the paint.

We recommend first trying something as simple and inexpensive as upgrading the air hose to ¾”. This frequently solves the problem. Using a traditional ¼” airline to run the pot is considered standard and is usually sufficient in getting a job done. But with a thick coating, the ¼” airline doesn’t always provide enough pressure to atomize and assist the spray.

During a recent training program at our Columbus headquarters, students were attempting to atomize a coating which was as thick as peanut butter and were having a tough go of it. Upon inspection, we realized that the smaller ¼” airline was the cause of their frustration. By swapping out the smaller hose for a larger ¾” airline, the extra pressure was now enough to atomize the paint, and the students were able to complete their practice panels in ⅓ the time as before. Yes – what was taking 30 minutes to complete now only took 10 because of the added air pressure. 3X the productivity by simply upgrading the hose!

BlastOne recommends using a ¾” airline for ALL pressure pots just to ensure your equipment is receiving the necessary pressure to efficiently get the job done.

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