Can I Recycle Blasting Abrasive without Removing the Dust?




Unless recycled abrasive has been properly cleaned and processed, it is likely to wreak havoc on your jobsite.

Here are the 3 biggest concerns resulting from using recycled, but dusty, abrasives

1. Dusty abrasive will shorten your equipment life
Dust and super fine abrasive particles will penetrate in between the seals of your blast pot and hoses and quickly create wear paths, which will lead to expensive and premature repairs or breakdowns.

2. Slower blasting speeds
Productivity and efficiency problems will come from using a dusty abrasive loaded with too fine of particles to effectively blast off the coating or contaminants from the surface.

Note: One of the key components when selecting an abrasive is to match the abrasive particle size to the thickness of the coating to be removed. Often you will find that a blend of particle sizes is very effective; mix in coarse particles to remove the coating and finer particles to clean the surface.

3. Visibility will be reduced.
If you are blasting with dust or with super fine abrasive, your blaster will not be able to clearly see the work item. This creates a safety issue which could further cause accidents or severe injuries. Being unable to clearly see what is being blasted also reduces productivity and thus, profitability.

How to Properly Clean Recycled Abrasives

There are very effective systems designed to properly clean and process recycled abrasives. We highly recommend a 2-step process, utilizing a live large trash sieve coupled with air washing grit cleaners. The live trash sieve is designed to take out large contaminants, such as cigarette butts, welding stubs, bits of wire, washers and bolts. Afterwards, this reclaimed media is run through a secondary air wash grit cleaner, which separates dust and super fine particles from the viable, effective abrasive. This process has proven itself to be a reliable way to properly recycle used abrasive media.

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