Remove pack rust without the plumes of dust



Today we're looking about how to handle large scale pack rust. We often go to a customer’s jobsite and they are removing very heavy layers of pack rust.

Pack rust is a large build-up (¼ – ½ in) of rust that needs to be removed from a steel surface. Instead of blasting the rust and entire surface all at once, we've found that it's far more efficient to use specialized tools to remove the bulk of the rust before blasting the entire surface with a fine mesh garnet.

Blasting large deposits of rust takes a lot of time and wastes abrasive. The process also creates huge plumes of red/brown dust, which can present visibility and safety concerns on your jobsite.

We have 3 different tools that can save you time and money when removing pack rust.

#1 — Needle Scaler

The first tool is a Needle Scaler – this uses needles that will come in and out that are sharp and will quickly break the rust off, partially cleaning the surface. You would move in a pattern across a large area of steel.


#2 — 3 Headed Scabbler

The second tool is a 3 Headed Scabler - this has three cross hatched heads which pop in and out and rotate. This makes an excellent tool for removing large areas of pack rust which you can quickly move this over the surface, and it will deal with pack rust quickly and efficiently.


#3 — Ultra High Pressure Water

The final way we deal with pack rust is to use UHP water - here we have water at 40,000 psi and it cuts through it like butter. You will also be able to remove any heavy coatings very quickly, meaning you just have to whip blast up the surface prior to recoating.


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