Changing the conventional with the Warrior



Spraying coatings using a conventional pressure pot

Conventional methods of spraying are still common in the steel fabrication market. The number one spraying device used is the pressure pot. These pressure pots use lugs to open up the pot, once the pot is open you put your paint inside, seal it down, activate and spray very quickly. The pot shown in the video has an agitator which keeps the coating spraying consistently.

Introducing the Warrior Pump

The Warrior Pump is a conventional sprayer which we find is the most efficient conventional sprayer available. It has two dials, paint pressure and air pressure. It has a pickup tube which goes straight into your pail of paint which means you can see how much paint is remaining in the pail and mix up more if required to pour into the pail to keep spraying. You can make a colour change in 5 minutes simply because when you finish painting you pull the hose out, put it to your dirty solvent run the pump around, flush your gun out put into your clean solvent, run the pump flush your gun and you can put your new paint in and get painting very quickly and efficiently. This can easily take 15 minutes with a pressure pot and you save on that 10 minutes cleanup time every time we normally clean up.

If you've got a lot of paint that you're going to spray conventionally we'd recommend upgrading to the Warrior Pump. It'll save a lot of time and a lot of money.

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“My painting costs dropped by 30% when I switched to a Triton Pump. The time I save pays for it, let alone the saving on solvent and paint!”

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