How to Check Your Blast Pressure

Check your nozzle pressure for productivity

blasting system pressure test

A drop in your working pressure can mean a dramatic drop in your production.

Pressure Testing your Blast Hose

With a Pressure Gauge Kit, you simply follow the three steps below while the abrasive flow is open:

  1. Place hypodermic needle onto nipple at the base of the gauge.
  2. Insert the needle into the blast hose slowly, a few inches back from the nozzle. Point the needle toward the nozzle, and at a slight angle. Insert slowly until you get a constant reading. Are you getting 100psi?
  3. Record reading and remove needle. Pack away for next time.

You can also check the rest of your Blasting System with your Pressure Test Kit

Check your blasting system right through and find where your pressure losses are located.

blasting system pressure testTest the pressure at both ends of a long length of hose – you’ll be amazed to see how much pressure can drop!

We recommend getting two pressure test kits, to test air going into your blast pot versus air pressure coming out. If you are losing excessive pressure, it may be equipment, accessory or compressor related.

Always ensure the needle is inserted into the hose at an angle pointing towards the direction of air flow.