How to Increase Productivity and Efficiency in Your Blasting Operation

The Top 16 Ways to Increase Productivity and Efficiency In Your Blasting Operation

Ship BlastingWe've looked into this question many times, for many different blasting operations and we'd like to share some great ideas. Some of the items may seem just common sense to you, and you may have been using them already - but new staff need training too - and fundamental truths need repeating!

By following these tips, you should be able to improve your production and efficiency. This means decreasing your costs, and dramatically improving your profits.

Tips to improve sandblasting productivity

  1. Use a valve with precision control
  2. Take off your old moisture trap
  3. Use a bull hose to supply air to your pot
  4. Check your nozzle pressure regularly
  5. Blast with a low dust, high-efficiency abrasive
  6. Use a Lightweight, Comfortable Helmet
  7. Make sure your compressor is big enough
  8. Fit a large bore flexible Whip hose
  9. Screw in a lightweight long last blast nozzle
  10. Dead Man controls - Does yours act fast enough?
  11. Let's look at your Blast Pot
  12. Keep your cool with a Helmet aircooler
  13. Wind up your pressure
  14. Monitor and purify your breathing air
  15. Use a communication system
  16. Recycle your abrasive

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