How to Replace the RPB Nova3 Lenses

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The RPB Nova3 helmet is one of the safest and most user friendly helmets on the market

The RPB Nova3 is designed because we know time is money and worker safety is paramount. The lens system is designed to ensure absolute safety with the added convenience of 'time and money saving' tear off outer lens to ensure you get maximum blasting time with great vision quality and minimal interruptions.

When fitting lenses to your Nova3 Blast Helmet there are a few points to remember:

Inner Blast Lens

Always remove the ‘blue’ plastic lens protective sheets. To learn more about the importance of an inner lens, please look at our previous tip on 'The importance of using an inner lens in my blast helmet'.

nova3 lens step 1

Step 1: Always remove the 'green' plastic lens protective sheets before installing.

Tnova3 lens step 2

Step 2: Open the outer green blast helmet frame. Unclip the black inner lens frame and remove it from the helmet.

nova3 lens step 3

Step 3: Place the new lens into the frame.

nova3 lens step 4

Step 4: Click frame back into the helmet.


Tear Off Lens (up to 3x)

Many customers, when using 'tear off' lenses for the first time, install too many and find their view blurred – we recommend installing a maximum of 3 at a time. If you fold the tabs in on the tear off outer lenses it will save you from ripping off more than one at a time.

nova3 lens step 5

Step 5: Place 3 ‘Tear Off’ lenses together ensuring the tab is folded to the inside separately on each lens. This is to prevent pulling all 3 lenses off at once.

nova3 lens step 6

Step 6: Remove the used ‘Stay Put’ lens and the ‘Tear Off’ lens surrounds from inside of green frame. Place the 3 new ‘Tear Off’ lenses back into the frame.

nova3 lens replace

Note: When helmet frame is closed the individual ‘Tear Off’ tabs appear as shown.


Stay-Put Outer Blast Lens (1 Lens)

The intermediate lens, which we call the ‘stay-put’ outer lens is to protect the inner lens when you have used all of your tear off lenses. The inner lens is your safety lens, your last line of defence. You must protect it with another lens.

nova3 lens step 7

Step 7: Always remove the ‘blue’ plastic lens protective sheets before installing.

nova3 lens step 8

Step 8: The stay put lens is placed over the ‘Tear Off’ lenses. Put the left locator end in first then push the other end into place.


nova3 lens step 9

Step 9: Close the green frame of your blast helmet.

Done, you are ready to continue blasting!