Move Your Equipment Closer to the Blasting Area

It pays off to spend the time planning the best layout for your equipment at the site to ensure you get the best possible productivity. Having your equipment as close as possible is an advantage in many ways.

It means:

  1. You have to run less blast hose and air hose.
  2. You have less bends and therefore less wear on the hoses.
  3. You get higher performance and finish quicker.
  4. You get higher pressure and a better blast.
  5. Better communication between pot tenders and blaster/painters.

It is important that the blast pot is as close as possible to the blasting area. If there is a space restriction and some equipment has to be further away it is best that the distance is between the air compressor and the blast pot rather than between the blast pot and the blasters. This is because the friction and pressure loss is greater in the blast hoses which contain air and abrasive than it is in the air hoses which are only carrying air.

placement of equipment in blasting

Remember if the tank has got two or more access points it may be a better option, once you have blasted one side of the tank close to the first access point, to have a second rig set up or move the position of your equipment next to the second outlet instead of running extra hose across to the other side of the tank. That way you are minimising your hose runs and increasing your performance. Wherever possible move your equipment closer to the blast area.