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Half-Mask Respirators That Don’t Slip

Improved Half-Mask Respirator Comfort

In this Primed Insight, Jimi introduces a new half-mask respirator from GVS that actually improves the working life of blasters and painters

Let’s be honest: blasters and painters work in some of the worst conditions of any profession! Jobsites are loud, dusty, smelly… and for some reason there seems to be only two temperatures… freezing or unbearably hot. Additionally, the work is extremely dangerous, requiring layers of PPE to keep you from harm.

So you’d hope the manufacturers of this equipment would research ways to make your job less annoying than more annoying. Case in point… half-mask respirators. They’re available in various models to protect you from various airborne hazards – but the one thing they all seem to have in common, is the uncomfortable experience of wearing them. They all seem suffocatingly moist and hot in the breathing chamber…and when you get sweaty they tend to slip all over your face.

BlastOne just discovered a new respirator that not only gives you the necessary legal protection ratings – but also eliminates those stifling, hot breathing chambers and slipping annoyances.

Unlike its competitors, these masks are constructed from a medical-grade TPE material – which helps mediate the annoying slippage when encountering perspiring skin.

If there’s one selling point, one major benefit over competitors, it’s the breathability of this mask. It’s the closest experience to actual breathing of any mask we’ve discovered. It’s also light weight, has an overall smaller profile than similar masks, and that improves visibility.

Half-Mask Respirators That Don't Slip


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