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Don’t let equipment issues disrupt your projects or drain your budget. BlastOne offers a comprehensive suite of equipment services designed to extend the lifespan of your machinery, optimize performance, and minimize unexpected downtime. From operator training and preventative maintenance programs to on-site inspections and instrument rentals, our service team has the expertise to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need a customized service plan or require immediate assistance, BlastOne is your one-stop shop for superior equipment expertise.

Onsite Services include

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Equipment and Operator Training

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Equipment Inspections


Preventative Management Programs (service contract)

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Vendor Managed Inventory

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Equipment Modernization and Retrofits

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Extended Warranty

Equipment and Operator Training

Proper training is critical to getting the most out of your equipment. BlastOne offers extensive training programs that are adaptable to customer needs.

BlastOne offers training sessions, hosted either on a customer job site or at a BlastOne location. The training curriculum is available for:

  • Basic or Advanced Levels
  • At our facility or yours
  • Operator training for everyday equipment use
  • Maintenance training for preventative care and repair

Equipment Inspections

Our experienced inspectors generate a report on the overall condition of your equipment, identify further actions, and recommend spare parts.

We can also take a look at your production schedule and equipment usage to provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance.

These inspections are intended to reduce operational hazards or safety risks and to ensuring the maximum lifespan for the equipment

Instrument Rental

Certified to American and International Standards Test Methods BlastOne guarantees that our certifications are accurate and will stand up to the strictest scrutiny from any third-party inspection.

Automated Follow up Reminders to ensure your instruments stay in Calibration. Ever been caught out working onsite with an instrument that was outside of its calibration period? Never again with BlastOne’s Instrument Register and Calibration Reminders

  • NATA Certified Calibration and repairs
  • ISO 9001 Certified QA processes
  • PCCP Certified Test Methods
  • Certified Inspection Instruments for Hire

Preventative Maintenance Programs (Service Contract)

Preventive maintenance will be carried out to meet specifications outlined in the manufacturer’s maintenance manual or to meet any additional recommendations specified in the inspection report.

Regular maintenance on equipment according to manufacturer specifications greatly reduces unscheduled downtime, production failures, or other unexpected expenses.

BlastOne technical experts can perform preventative maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals as agreed by both parties and in accordance to equipment specifications.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Ideal for ensuring parts availability and uninterrupted production. BlastOne offers all the required spare and wearing parts for our abrasive handling systems.

Using BlastOne supplied spare parts will ensure equipment durability, efficiency, and compatibility.

Having a supply spare parts available to use on site will reduce unscheduled downtime and servicing hours. This is one of the features in BlastOne’s Service Contracts program.

Equipment Modernizations and Retrofits

It can often be more cost-efficient to replace a component or a sub-structure than to repair it. Our team of experts will help you outfit your existing equipment to maximize equipment efficiency and save your budget.

Equipment modernizations will also give you an opportunity to update your existing system with state-of-the-art technologies, which will dramatically extend the service life of your system and reduce running costs.

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Extended Warranty

Technical support can take on many different forms. BlastOne’s service contracts are designed to be tailored to meet any customer’s production needs. They demonstrate BlastOne’s commitment to provide peace of mind to our customers by:

  • Reducing operational risks
  • Ensuring trouble-free operation
  • Minimizing downtime/servicing hours
  • Increasing lifespan of equipment
  • Supplying priority on-site technical support
  • Offering highly customizable service packages to meet specific needs


In addition to the services detailed above, we can cater any contract to the specific needs and production goals of our customers.

Speak with a BlastOne Service technician to determine which features and services would make the most sense for your business and help you get the most out of your equipment.

Your Partner from Start to Finish

BlastOne believe in the value of a happy lifetime customer, someone whos projects run safely, on-time and on-budget. This is why BlastOne takes a partnership approach to our customers project.

Why BlastOne?

We are deeply passionate about the success of our customers projects – this passion over 40 years has made us America & Australia’s Leading Company for Blasting and Painting Equipment and Abrasives.

Branch Locations with trained experienced staff in all major centers – we give you the support and Customer experience deserved

Largest inventories of Rental Equipment, Blasting and Painting Equipment and Rental Equipment in America – we can rapidly mobilize vast quantities of equipment to your jobsite

Outstanding Customer Service – we try to make your day!

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