Industries Served

Serving Industry to make projects safer, faster and profitable

Serving Heavy industry, Facilities and the Painting Contractor.

Facilities and Refineries

Facility Maintenance Contractors experience some of the most harsh corrosion conditions found in the abrasive blasting business.

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Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks are one of the most common structures blasted in the industry. Although a lot of tanks are the same, no jobs are created equal.

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Pipeline projects keep blasting contractors on the move. Using high efficient abrasives and equipment is the key to profitability.

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Shipyards and Marine

Shipyards blast inside large dry docks. Blasting speed is very important as they have to guarantee turn around times to the ship owners.

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Lead Removal

Hazardous coating removal projects require specialized equipment to keep the workers safe. Environmental concerns also need to be addressed.

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Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

BlastOne has been making blasting and painting safer, more efficient and cleaner for over 40 years. We have been painting and blasting all types of marine vessels, including boats and ships.

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Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

BlastOne staff are experts in engineering, design, construction and support for blasting and painting facilities in the heavy equipment industry.

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Foundries and Castings

BlastOne are experts in the design, engineering, construction and support for blasting and painting facilities in foundry environments.

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Barge Repair

BlastOne’s roots have been in the blasting and paint industry for over 40 years. Our projects range from engineering, construction, design, and support of facilities for barge painting and blasting.

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Steel Tank Manufacturing

In regards to steel tank manufacturing, and many other industries, BlastOne is your go-to with 40+ years of experience.

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Facility Upgrades

Whether you need to rent blast and paint equipment, help visualizing your plan, or complete hands on help with the construction of facilities, BlastOne has you covered.

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Trailer Manufacturing

Are you under production pressure, producing low quality work, or your profit margin isn’t where you want it to be? BlastOne can help.

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Pipe spool production and Pipe manufacturing

BlastOne stands out against competitors with the 40 plus years of experience in the design, engineering, construction and support of facilities for blasting and painting of Pipe spool production and Pipe manufacturing.

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Blast and Paint Job Shops

Manufacturing facilities struggle with an array of issues, ranging from slow production time due to their painting and blasting equipment, or high maintenance costs.

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BlastOne Project insights

We are working to make your project safer, faster and more profitable


  • Use a low dust abrasive
  • Rent modern equipment that has been serviced regularly
  • Only use Genuine replacement parts – they wont fail when the time comes
  • Use good quality PPE, the guys will work harder for longer for you
  • Use robotic equipment or manipulated Equipment where possible
  • Talk to someone senior at BlastOne about experiences they have had on project jobsites


  • Use GMA Garnet – it’s the fastest abrasive and cleaner
  • Have a well laid out store room on spare parts and consumables to save time
  • Maintain your equipment – use those rain days profitably
  • When blasting – extend the working day to get 10 hours of blasting, then 2 of painting.
  • Use robotic equipment
  • Train and time your blasters – get a competition going.


  • Do daily productivity checks
  • Hold Daily project management huddles with KPI reporting on what is done each day
  • When buying equipment ensure you factor productivity in with your labor and onsite costs
  • Always negotiate for early finish bonuses if there are penalties for delayed finishes
  • Get a BlastOne productivity audit done on every major project

Why BlastOne?

We are deeply passionate about the success of our customers projects – this passion over 40 years has made us one of America’s Leading Company for Blasting and Painting Equipment and Abrasives.

Branch Locations with trained experienced staff in all major centers – we give you the support and Customer experience deserved

Largest inventories of Rental Equipment, Blasting and Painting Equipment in various USA locations – we can mobilize vast quantities of equipment to your jobsite the same day

Outstanding Customer Service – we try to make your day!

Your Partner from Start to Finish

BlastOne believe in the value of a happy lifetime customer, someone who’s projects run safely, on-time and on-budget. This is why BlastOne takes a partnership approach to our customers project.

Onsite Services include

Equipment and Operator Training

Equipment and Operator Training

Equipment Inspections

Equipment Inspections

Preventative Managment Programs

Preventative Management Programs (service contract)

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

Equipment Modernization and Retrofits

Equipment Modernization and Retrofits

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

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