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At BlastOne International, we offer custom solutions for blasting and painting operations in all industries. Our in-house team builds systems tailored to your specific needs, including engineering design, project management, installation, and maintenance. We also offer rental equipment, training, and on-site consulting services for optimal results and safety. Trust us to handle all your blasting and painting facility needs.

Our Approach

BlastOne takes a holistic approach in all that we do. Our staff training is immersive. Staff spend hands-on time on sites and in facilities like yours to experience the conditions and challenges that you do. We’re constantly analyzing and measuring the productivity of existing equipment and assessing the merits of new machinery. We are a company that believes that the biggest of organizations are built on the smallest of details.

  • Knowledge of the industry

    For over 40 years, BlastOne has been servicing the surface preparation, corrosion control and protective coating industries. From Fortune 500 companies to owner operators – our team of experts has visited operations just like yours all over the world helping them to blast quicker, blast leaner and blast safer.
  • Quality products

    Quality at BlastOne is defined as performance, reliability and safety. Faster completion and continuous production on your projects is vital. Product availability ranges from full site facilities to small on-site units, personal protective equipment and accessories for both blasting and coating projects.
  • Quality service

    Outstanding service is the cornerstone of BlastOne’s operation. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff are committed to delivering beyond expectation and ensuring that your specific needs are met wherever possible.
  • Flexibility

    When you zig, we’ll zig with you, when you zag, we’ll follow. At BlastOne, flexibility is what we excel at. The corrosion control industry is evolving quickly, we can evolve with it and with you.
  • Superior product support

    We provide solutions for small-to-large rust-busting projects and deliver them on-time and under-budget all over the globe.
  • Distribution network

    25 locations on 4 continents means we’re beside you wherever you are.
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BlastOne operates internationally from several offices across Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom.

We proudly deliver our brand claim of Performance3 — the result of combining Superior Know-How with Superior Abrasives and Superior Equipment.

In short, we specialize in the science of blasting and painting faster, cleaner and safer — which delivers greater success and higher profits to our customers’ bottom line.

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