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For over 50 years, BlastOne has helped steel fabricators implement the fastest, safest, and cleanest corrosion control solutions.

Industrial Heavy Steel Fabrication Blast & Paint Facilities

Struggling with maintaining a skilled team, or high maintenance costs and low production rates in your corrosion control operations? Talk to BlastOne. We can partner with you to install corrosion control facilities that provide industry leading productivity and cost efficiency.

With BlastOne’s experience and tailored solutions, we can dramatically help improve your production rates – from automation, to upgrading to current generation equipment, to employee training, can all help to increase productivity. We will guarantee your facility is equipped with the equipment package that provides the highest quality result at the lowest cost.

Industry Challenges

Abrasive blasting is used extensively in the steel fabrication industry for removing corrosion ranging from millscale to heavy rust.  Abrasive blasting removes corrosion from the surface and gives it a profile to ensure good coating adherence.  This protects the structure from corrosion.

A few common issues we’ve found from working with the industry:

  • Growing costs and time

    85% of all coating failures can be attributed to improper surface preparation. If a surface is not properly blasted, the coating will not adhere to the steel, and there is an increased risk of corrosion. Corrosion weakens the structure and shortens the working life of the product.
  • High maintenance costs

    Due to the large and complex size of many fabrications, it is extremely costly to refurbish and/or maintain these structures. By using substandard blasting methods or poor quality abrasives, maintenance cycles shorten and costs increase. Less maintenance means less operating cost!
  • Workflow disruptions and labor shortages

    The steel fabrication must be blasted before welding or painting can begin. With labor shortages, project turnaround and production rates decrease. This means extended delivery times for your customers to get the final product onsite.
  • Operator safety concerns

    With multiple trades working near each other, noise and site visibility are always an issue, especially when blasting is involved.

The Best Blasting Equipment

BlastOne can offer everything from a single spray gun or blast nozzle to a complete blast and paint facility. Ranging from dust collection systems, to abrasive blasting pots, to airless spray pumps, to steel grit blast media, we’ve got the lot! If you’re sourcing for air compressors, paint ventilation and application systems, transportation systems, don’t look any further.

The optimum equipment package for your specific requirement depends heavily largely on 2 things – size and shape of the items being blasted and the throughput required. For smaller shops, blasting smaller items, air blasting manually with a small pot is perfectly adequate. Higher demand, or large pieces may benefit from some form of automation in the form of robotic air blasting or a centrifugal wheel blast machine.

Choosing the right abrasive is critical to getting good surface preparation. 85% of all coating failures are due to poor quality surface preparation. The most common abrasives used are Alluvial GMA Garnet and Steel Grit for air blasting applications. In airless wheel blasting machines, steel shot is more common and easily recyclable.





Blast Booths / Rooms


Garnet Blasting Creates Productivity Boost for Twin Barge Project


Case Studies


Want to make a blasting job difficult? Suspend it over water and have vehicles moving through it. For over 50 years, BlastOne has helped corrosion control specialists to maintain and protect bridges. This includes some of the world’s most iconic bridges, such as San Francisco’s Golden Gate and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The cost to maintain bridges is very high.  Bridges by their construction nature are often restricted for inspection access, an example of this is the underside area. This area often requires rope access specialists and the access to these structures costs more than the blasting and painting process.  Because the cost of bridge maintenance is high and the access is expensive, minimizing the amount of labor required for blasting and painting is of high importance. The first choice to make in extending the maintenance blasting cycle on a steel bridge is choosing a high performance, high quality abrasive. A clean, well profiled surface will enhance coating adhesion, extending the coating life. A quality abrasive will also reduce the time taken to blast the structure, reduced blasting time will reduce the cost of the specialized labor required for structures such as this. Less maintenance means less cost!

The reason we blast is because structures left to corrode without remedial action will eventually suffer catastrophic failure. The reality of this plays out in the number bridges that have failed because of corrosion. For example the “Silver Bridge” over the Ohio River between West Virginia and Ohio in December 1967 and the Lowe’s Motor Speedway pedestrian bridge in Concord, NC in May 2000. Bridge collapses almost always cause fatalities.  The inconvenience that the bridge is closed or partially closed is of no significance when compared to loss of life or total asset failure. We are blasting to maintain the integrity of the structure, public amenity, and preservation of life!


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