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Blast & Paint Facility Construction

BlastOne International has a wealth of expertise, with nearly 50 years of experience in constructing across America, Australia Pacific and Europe. Our process for creating these facilities is unparalleled, beginning with conceptualization and design, and ending with the building of high-performance blasting and painting facilities for various industrial applications. No matter the size of your requirements, we can construct an entire facility to meet your specific needs.

BlastOne Construction

BlastOne has a dedicated construction team who help our clients take ideas, to a concept, through detailed engineering & permitting, to completed projects.

BlastOne’s unique methodology as your Design/Build General Contractor for your entire project results in clients achieving the following results:

  • Project delivered up to 30% faster than standard industry processes
  • Project delivered on budget
  • Facility performs at the intended production & produces at the intended quality

You are building a facility to perform surface preparation & painting. You are not building a facility for the sake of having a building. By approaching the concept, design, engineering & strategy from the inside out, not the outside in, BlastOne’s approach ensures you get it right.


Project Methodology

Blast & Paint Facility Construction

BlastOne starts our design process with the end process in mind, and then designs a building & equipment around that. General construction companies start with a building, and then figure out the process around that. 

Blast & Paint Facility Construction

BlastOne Construction Services

  • Early-stage consulting & concepts
  • Preliminary budgeting & permitting
  • Progressive budgeting
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Architectural engineering
  • Detailed Mechanical & Electrical engineering
  • Permitting
  • Equipment buy-out and manufacturing
  • Civil works
  • Foundation works
  • Building Construction
  • Equipment installation
  • Mechanical & Electrical fitout
  • Facility Commissioning & Training
Blast & Paint Facility Construction

Why use BlastOne Construction? 

BlastOne is an equipment manufacturer, not a GC?

Actually BlastOne is both. BlastOne has many internal divisions, all working in harmony with one goal in mind: to have a satisfied whole of life client. We are not in business to deliver a one-time project –  BlastOne designs, engineers, builds and then has a team to work alongside of you for the next 50 years ensuring you achieve success.

Blast & Paint Facility Construction


For large structures, BlastOne has a unique design that combines the building and the process booths as one structure, rather than building a building, and then building booths inside the building.

Blast & Paint Facility Construction

BlastOne would love to talk to you about how we can help you save time, effort, money and drastically reduce the risk on your next project by performing the full project scope. Please contact us at [email protected].

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