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BlastOne has provided sandblasting equipment to commercial contractors since the 1970’s in the corrosion control industry the highest quality sandblasting and painting equipment available. From blast pots, hoses, and nozzles, to airlines, spray tips and even work gloves, we offer a complete line of superior products to help professionals stay comfortable, safe, and profitable on the job site. Our abrasive sandblasting equipment is backed by our quality guarantee and we also offer maintenance, repair, and training services to ensure your tools and supplies last longer and stay running – even in the most trying conditions.

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Blasting Rental

Rent the Equipment | own the Success

BlastOne® has a substantial range of rental equipment to suit any size job. Our rental fleet is one of the largest and we are constantly researching and developing the fastest and most cost effective way to do the job – with the latest technology. The BlastOne® range of Abrasive Sandblast Equipment, available for rental, will save you 25% in labor and abrasive compared to standard equipment.

Rental Locations:
USA: Columbus, OH | Los Angeles, CA | Chicago, IL & Contact us for additional Availability Across The United States!

BlastOne® rents Blasting, Dustless Vapor Blasting, Soda Blasting, Recovery, Storage, Safety, Air Preparation, Dryers, Full Packages and Painting Rental Equipment for Surface Preparation and Application of Protective Coatings in many different industries – including Oil & Gas Refineries, Mining Sites, Water / Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Shipyards and Lead Bridge Projects.

Blast Booths

Economy Blast Booth

Ultra cost-effective blast room option for those who only have a small amount of blasting to do (1 blaster, 5-10 hours/week).

Temporary Dome Blast Booth

Temporary Dome Shelter sandblasting facilities provide crucial weather-proof conditions for large blasting areas and projects.

Industrial Workshop Blast Booth

High Quality Blast room constructed with high performance steel insulated sandwich panels for significant external noise reduction during sandblasting operations.

General Purpose Blast Booth

Our premier booth offering for those looking to move their sandblasting operations into a controlled environment. Highly customizable for specific needs, depending on the application.

Knowledge & Learning

Videos from the Experts

How to | Primed Insights | Safety Tips

Profitable Sandblasting – Your Most Underrated Piece of Equipment

Watch Video

How to Properly Set-Up Your Blasting Operation

Watch Video

How Does the Snakebite XQ Stand Up to the Competition?

Watch Video

The SnakeBite Extra Quiet Blast Nozzle

Head-To-Head Against Competing Quiet Blast Nozzle After launching the Snakebite XQ we received more than a few questions regarding a competing quiet nozzle. How is our design different? Is our nozzle quieter than theirs? What differentiates our "quiet nozzle" from the competition? You can simply look at both nozzles to see our unique design differs [...]

How To Increase Blasting Productivity

HOW TO TAKE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL STARTING TODAY! Each year BlastOne visits more client jobsites than all our global competitors combined. That’s thousands and thousands of projects over the years. We do this to both consult and learn. And when it comes to productivity, we can definitely state that the Golden Rule [...]

The Importance of Changing Your Breathing Air Cartridge

Changing your breathing cartridges prevents damaging your lungs with contaminated air. How often should you replace your breathing air cartridges? Recommendations from the filter manufacturers suggest every 3 months or every 400 hours of use.  Whichever come first. Blasters who do not frequently change their breathing air cartridges run the risk of severe illness.   [...]

The Proper Way to Check Blasting Pressure

Nozzle pressure is everything For standard efficiency and productivity our experience tells us that a minimum of 100 psi is needed coming out at the nozzle.  Each drop of 1 psi causes a corresponding drop of 1.5% in blasting speed. Many blasters read the compressor gauge and believe that to be their actual blasting pressure; [...]

Customer Testimonials

Contact BlastOne

Needing more sandblasting equipment related information on dustless vapor? Soda blasting? Internal pipe or robotic equipment? Our team of seasoned professionals and design engineers are knowledgeable in all facets of commercial blasting processes and techniques. Not only are we industry suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, we are expert consultants and would love to discuss your challenges and needs.

Not finding what you want? Unfortunately our website doesn’t show each and every part and product we stock or sell. Should you need a special tool or replacement part, give us a call or drop us an email. Chances are very high that we have it and can deliver. And should your specific situation need sandblasting equipment that doesn’t exist – BlastOne’s engineering department is always interested in designing new tools for difficult or rare scenarios that might be applicable elsewhere in the industry.

Customer service teams are available to answer any of your questions on our products or services. Contact us today and experience the BlastOne difference in superior equipment, superior abrasives, and superior know-how!

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