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BlastOne designs and builds high performance sandblasting rooms and booths for many Industrial Applications – from small containerized blast rooms to Multi-Million Dollar Blast and Paint facilities for Ship Sections. We design and construct the sandblasting booths and rooms to suit your application and your budget. Simply tell us what you’re trying to do, and we’ll work with you and your team to ensure you can get it done within the time frame required and your budget constraints.

We are committed to a new generation of sandblasting booth and room solutions.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Quality and Productivity
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Cleaner and Safer Environment


If you are purchasing a turnkey blast room for building it yourself, there are 25 subjects you need to be well versed in.

BlastOne has compiled a detailed report containing an in-depth guide on all the critical components of a blast room.

  • Design Considerations
  • Abrasive Educations
  • Productivity Techniques

Download and be educated!

Your Challenge is within our Scope

From the smallest to the largest blastroom, BlastOne has the ability supply your needs

Economy Blastroom

economy blastrooms

Ultra cost-effective blast room option for those who only have a small amount of blasting to do (1 blaster, 5-10 hours/week).

These budget blast rooms are made from pre-engineered panels and components, for easy assembly and installation. They aren’t intended for intensive sandblasting workloads, but are a time-saving investment for those currently outsourcing their blasting needs.

Standard booth dimensions start at 8’ wide x 8’ high x 10’ long.


Steel Fabricators
Manufacturing or Refinishing
Job Shops

Starting Price Range:


Portable Shipping Container Blastrooms

Portable Shipping Container Blastroom

This shipping container blast room is one of the most popular standard booths we offer. Everything you need for a small blasting operation is contained within a standard (20’ or 40’ long) shipping container. Installation is easy, fast, and simple.

The standard booth is designed to be completely portable and weather-proof so it can remain outdoors wherever you need it. It can be supplied as an assembled unit, or as a retrofit kit to convert an existing standard shipping container into a fully functional sandblasting booth.


Fixed or Portable
1 blaster, 10-20 hours/week
Sandblasting pieces less than 5′ wide
Manufacturing or Refinishing shops
Sandblasting Job Shops

Starting Price Range:


Temporary Dome Shelter Blastrooms

Temporary Dome Shelter Blastroom

Temporary Dome Shelter sandblasting facilities provide crucial weather-proof conditions for large blasting areas and projects. They are intended as a semi-permanent application: durable enough to last 5+ years of use, but easy to dismantle, relocate, and reassemble as needed.


Large project sites (tank farms, power plants, etc.)
Mining and earth moving equipment
Projects and overflow facilities
Refinery/chemical plant blast yards
Any application needing to blast/paint large items over 1-5 years

Starting Price Range:



Industrial Workshop Blastrooms

industrial workshop blastroom

High Quality Blast room constructed with high performance steel insulated sandwich panels for significant external noise reduction during sandblasting operations.

Designed to handle consistent levels of sandblasting from a single operator (1 blaster, 20-40 hours/week) and can be outfitted with either a partial or full-floor abrasive recovery system to recycle spent abrasive, removing the need of manual grit shoveling or removal.

Standard booth dimension start at 10’ Wide x 10’ High x 10’ Long.


Steel Fabricators
Manufacturing or Refinishing
Job Shops
Agricultural Machinery
Oil & Gas Components
OEM Manufacturers

Starting Price Range:


General Purpose Blastrooms

sandblasting booths Indoor Industrial Blastroom

Robustly built for high levels of consistent sandblasting (1-4 operators, round-the-clock operation), this is our premier booth offering for those looking to move their sandblasting operations into a controlled environment. It is highly customizable for specific needs, depending on the application.


Steel Fabricators
Truck & Trailer Manufacturing/Refinishing
Sandblasting Job shops
Agricultural machinery Manufacturers/Refurbishers
Oil & Gas components
OEM Manufacturers
Most sandblasting operations

Starting Price Range:


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Not seeing what you want? Try one of our Industry-Specific & Specialty Blast Rooms

Deliberately engineered to fit best practices of each industry and application, these blast rooms are among the most popular offered by BlastOne. Each of these specialty booths can be further customized or modified to fit specific needs per site, depending on expected sizes of production items or other considerations.

Your Partner from Start to Finish Building Your Sandblasting Booth Facility



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Unique Blastroom Booth Engineering & Design Considerations

Optimizing your abrasive recovery and recycling in your new blast booth is very important. Understanding your choices for abrasive recycling is one of the most important discussions you can have when buying a new blast booth.

Abrasive Recovery Design Options

There are 5 main styles of abrasive recovery and recycling options typically used, each have a slightly different application, but basically the choices come down to how much blasting your will be doing per week.

If you are only blasting occasionally, a system which you shovel in the abrasive is a good option, when you start working 30hours + or having multiple blasters, you will be looking for a full floor recovery or partial recovery, to ensure you don’t have to spend time worrying about recycling the abrasive.

A BlastOne representatives can help guide you to make the right decisions.

shovel in abrasive hopper

Shovel in Hopper

sweep in abrassive hopper

Sweep-in Hopper

cross conveyor blasting abrasive recovery

Cross Conveyor

partial floor abrasive recovery

Partial Recovery

Full floor recovery abrasive blasting media

Full floor recovery

Sandblasting Booth Dust Collection and Airflow Design Options

Visibility and Productivity Enhancer

Its important to size your Dust Collector correctly; its makes a large impact on how well the blasters can see. The better you remove the dust from the blasters line of site, the more productive they will be. Many facility managers and companies believe that the size of the dust collector is the only thing that matters, don’t be fooled, the management of the airflow is very important as well. Sizing, design and placement of the Air intake plenums, exhaust plenums and ductwork is very important, an incorrectly designed system can halve your effective visibility.

Safety, Health and Environmental Considerations

There is growing concern around airborne dust being a hazard to the workers. If you are using a dusty abrasive, removing rust or heavy coatings you will be creating a lot of dust in your blastroom. Getting the dust collection right means the blaster can move safely around the blastroom, and the dust doesn’t escape into the rest of your facility. Dust Collection system are designed to create a negative air environment in your blastroom to ensure that the nuisance dust is contained and doesn’t spread.

Dust collector size and placement

Dust Collector size
and placement

intake air plenums for spray booths

Intake Plenums

paint booth exhaust plenums

Exhaust Plenums

Ductwork planning blast and paint booth

Ductwork Planning

Airflow Ventilation mapping


Productivity Enhancement Design Options for Sandblasting Booths

The initial investment to enhance your day-to-day productivity can pay off for years to come. If you can find a cost effective way inside your budget to increase your productivity, it can give you a competitive edge.

The simplest solution like upgrading your blast equipment to a higher performance style, which many only cost an additional $3-4,000 could increase your blasting speed by 10%, that’s 10% faster whenever you blast… Here are a few examples that we help customers with;

Sandblasting Booth Material Handling Options

What are you blasting? How large/heavy is it? How do you plan to move it around?

These are some very important questions that need to be asked about material handling… Every facility is different, if you are designing a new facility, you have one chance to get it right. If upgrading an existing facility, you need to look at what material handling options will work in with what I already have….

There are many options and ways to move product through your blast and paint area, but here are a few options that we work with all the time, that could be a consideration for your new facility. Talk to one of our reps about your options, and find a way that will increase your productivity.

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