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Many heavy equipment manufacturing facilities are struggling with old equipment, poor productivity, and labor shortages. For nearly 60 years, BlastOne has helped heavy equipment manufacturers implement the fastest, safest and cleanest corrosion control solutions.

Industrial Defense & Heavy Equipment Blast & Paint Facilities

Many heavy equipment fabrication facilities are under pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency. With our blend of experience and advanced technologies, customized to your specific operating requirements, we can rapidly ramp up your productivity and drive down your costs. Through supplying better equipment, better processes and better staff training, BlastOne can partner with you to revolutionize your corrosion control facilities. Our partnership with you will set in motion better outcomes now and in the future.

Industry Challenges

Heavy equipment needs an impenetrable durable barrier to protect the steel from corrosion. These assets are large investments, and if they become prematurely corroded, impact profitability and reduce productivity.

Abrasive blasting will ensure the surface is ready for quality coating application, which lengthens the lifespan of the coating.

Here are a few common issues we’ve found from working with the industry:

  • High maintenance costs

    Heavy equipment is often located in remote locations and harsh environments. If a piece of equipment becomes heavily corroded, due to poor surface preparation or coating failure, it’s serviceability is reduced and an expensive refurbishment may be required. Possibly in a remote location in an unforgiving environment.
  • Production bottlenecks from growing demand and labor shortages

    The current tight labor market is causing labor shortages in fabrication facilities which results in production bottlenecks and the struggle to lift production rates.
  • Operator safety concerns

    Blasting often involves long hours of continuous, repetitive focus and manual labor. Operators can easily experience fatigue and become less productive. A regular inspection program will ensure quality failures will be discovered.

    Due to the large-sized heavy equipment, the opportunity for injury is heightened during handling. Safety policies need to be implemented that remove workers from harm’s way.

The Best Blasting Equipment

While it is possible in a multiple blaster facility to use multiple one/two man pots around a blast site, a better solution is a bulk blaster. These start at 75 cu.ft. capacity (as opposed to a one /two man pot with 6 to 10 cu.ft.) and go up to 160 cu.ft. capacity. The big efficiency gained here is only filling the blaster once a day. These units can run multiple operators for an entire shift without requiring refilling – no time lost on blow-down, filling and restarting.

A clean surface is the first step to having a quality finish on heavy equipment, trucks or trailers. Abrasive blasting removes dirt, dust, imperfections and unwanted contaminants from the body. White metal surface is an ideal finish for primer and epoxy sealing.


If you wish to increase the output and reduce the costs of your blast and paint facility, if blaster employee turnover is high, or a poor safety record is a concern, BlastOne recommends automated surface preparation systems. Either the robotic manipulator arm style of blasting or wall or gantry mounted machinery can automate your blasting.


Abrasive media is one of the biggest recurring costs for any blasting operator. A single contractor can blast up to 6 tons of abrasive in a single day. The quickest way to save on abrasive cost is recovering and recycling used abrasive.

BlastOne’s oscillating cross conveyor system which has a live sieve on it, efficiently removes coarse trash from the reusable media.  The next stage of the cleaning process is the air wash. This passes a curtain of used abrasive across a low-suction extraction system to remove abrasive fines.  The system works completely out-of-sight to not interfere with day-to-day operations, with external access to key component parts. It has proven to be efficient and effective, with little-to-no maintenance necessary.



Blast Booths / Rooms




Garnet Blasting Creates Productivity Boost for Twin Barge Project



BlastOne supplies blast and paint facilities that cut costs, and improve both production rates and safety records.

Large enclosed halls can be designed and engineered to provide ventilation and visibility for both painting and grit blasting. The abrasive recovery and recycling systems work efficiently, while humidity controlled air helps prevent oxidation and flash rusting of the steel between the blasting and coating processes.

The configuration of the rooms can be designed around the ship modules to be coated. Ventilation systems are designed for end draft or downdraft configurations.

Normally, because of the size of the rooms, a separate structure is required for the booth and building structure.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

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Training & Support

25 Important Considerations when Building a Blast Facility

If you are purchasing a turnkey blast room for building it yourself, there are 25 subjects you need to be well versed in. BlastOne has compiled a detailed report containing an in-depth guide on all the critical components of a blast room: design considerations, abrasive education, and production techniques.

Blastman Robotics LTD: The Reliable Blast Cleaning Solution

Typical industrial sandblasting automated & robotic blasting equipment require fixed, purpose-built infrastructure to operate. BlastOne specializes in designing, building, and commissioning robotic sandblasting facilities to provide custom solutions for our customer’s corrosion control needs.

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