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BlastOne® specializes in supplying Spray Paint Application Equipment for Industrial and Protective Paint Coatings in many different industries throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia – including Oil & Gas, Mining, Structural Steel Fabrication, Water Infrastructure, Marine and Bridge Refurbishment work.

We are Americas suppliers in everything from large industrial Paint Booths to industrial spray pumps all the way down to guns, paint and air line hoses, and even the perfect spray tip.

The correct application of protective coatings relies on the correct coating equipment being used. Regardless of whether your company is just entering the market or is an intermediate or advanced player, BlastOne has the right equipment at the right price point for your budget. For the highest quality fine finish contractors, we offer a selection of air spray, HVLP and air assisted technologies. For contractors specializing in high production, relatively smooth industrial finished projects, we offer both airless and air spray equipment.

BlastOne has extensive experience in all aspects of Protective Coatings. From brush and rollers to high-tech plural component turnkey spraying systems, BlastOne is your one-stop USA resource for equipment and advice.

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What Paint Equipment Do You Need for Different Paints

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Benefits of Supplied Air Painting Hoods

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Half-Mask Respirators That Don’t Slip

Improved Half-Mask Respirator Comfort In this Primed Insight, Jimi introduces a new half-mask respirator from GVS that actually improves the working life of blasters and painters Let's be honest: blasters and painters work in some of the worst conditions of any profession! Jobsites are loud, dusty, smelly… and for some reason there seems to be [...]

5 Benefits of the Graco King High Flow Airless Sprayer

Graco Xtreme XL 10,000 High Flow Spray Machine This is the biggest pump available on the market and designed to handle the toughest coatings with ease. The XL10,000 air motor coupled with a 290cc lower gives you 60% more fluid flow at the same pressure compared to the standard king. With a 70:1 ratio this [...]

Never Paint the Inside of Your Body!

With any profession, the longer you’ve been doing your job the more comfortable you get with the flow of procedures.  Unfortunately, this comfort often leads to a detached, nonchalant attitude towards the things that could go wrong. And it’s when we’re not on guard that accidents tend to happen. It never hurts to remind industry [...]

How to Make the Paint Curing Process Quicker

At BlastOne, we have put together four options that make the curing process quicker for you. #1 To help dry, use heat Spray booths are useful tools when you are trying to keep the conditions under control. These restrained areas enable you to increase temperatures by 150-200 degrees. You could also apply heat to the [...]

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Not finding the spray paint and coating products or equipment you want? Unfortunately our website doesn’t show each and every part and product we stock or sell. Should you need a specific item or replacement part, give us a call or drop us an email. Chances are very high that we have it and can deliver. And should your specific situation need spray paint equipment that doesn’t exist – BlastOne’s engineering department is always interested in designing new tools for difficult or rare scenarios that might be applicable elsewhere in the industry.

Customer service teams are available to answer any of your questions on our products or services. Contact us today and experience the BlastOne difference in superior equipment, superior abrasives, and superior know-how!

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