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How to Make the Paint Curing Process Quicker

At BlastOne, we have put together four options that make the curing process quicker for you.

#1 To help dry, use heat

Spray booths are useful tools when you are trying to keep the conditions under control. These restrained areas enable you to increase temperatures by 150-200 degrees. You could also apply heat to the painted areas to help speed up the curing process.
TIP – Never use potential ignition sources or gases!

#2 Create air movement over the coating.
Applying high velocity air over the surface of coating enables the drying paint to let go of solvents, which ultimately cures the paint way quicker than motionless air.
Avoid having high velocity air during your painting job. It will generate immoderate overspray. Another option is to have an Aquatech fast drying solution that gets initiated after painting. This type of system can be in both open areas and painting booths.
TIP – Make sure your ventilation equipment is complaint.

#3 Avoid thinning the paint
If your paint isn’t atomizing, there are options we recommend at BlastOne:
Use a plural component pump for standard epoxies. You won’t end up having to thin the paint. If your paint isn’t atomizing, your paint is probably too cold. To heat paint before it exits the pump, use an in-line paint heater.

#4 Make sure what you are painting is at the temperature you need it to be prior to painting.
If you are blasting outside, you will need to pay special attention to the temperature. You may need to bring the product inside to paint in order to speed up the curing speed.
TIP – Before any spray application, think about soaking your paint container in warm water.

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