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Bulk Blasting Solutions – Larger and faster for synchronizing
multiple blasting operators.

Why use Mega-Blasters™?

If you are looking to increase the profitability of volume production for your large projects, a Schmidt® Mega-Blaster is for you! Each operator has independent control of their abrasive flow thanks to the multi-outlet Thompson™ Valve II controls on the Mega-Blasters.

The Mega-Blasters™ and Blast-One® High Performance Abrasive Blast Machines have the exact same safety and performance features. Skid mount and trailer mounted systems come with the Standard Mega Systems. We also offer custom designs if you have any special requirements.



Mega-Blaster™ Features:

  • Easy access to closure by ladder
  • Reduces downtime
  • Designed for low maintenance
  • Higher productivity due to providing the industry’s lowest pressure drop
  • Easily accessible with an 18” x 12” man way
  • Loads easy and requires less maintenance with the 10”quick- opening cam lock fill port
  • Designed for industry safety
  • Features normally closed fail-safe valves and controls.
  • Comes with 125 psi rated vessel (with higher pressure systems available)
  • Uninterrupted abrasive flow with optional moisture separator
  • Full-load lifting eyes for easier transport (not rated for steel abrasives)
  • Money saving benefits


“We get 2 hours extra blasting every shift because the blasters don’t have to stop to refill anymore!” – Shipyard.

“My blasters used to take their helmets off every 45 minutes during refilling and by the time they’d had a drink, 15 minutes was lost – each hour! Now we only stop for meal breaks!” – Contractor.

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