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Pressure-Release vs Pressure-Hold: which blast pot is better?

Maintaining Pressure Is The Basis of Productivity and Profitability

The most popular and common blast pot on jobsites is a Pressure Release System. Is this proof that the Pressure Release is better than the Pressure Hold?

Actually, nearly every application will benefit from a Pressure Hold system – but to understand why – we need to know how each system works.

What’s the difference between the systems?

A Pressure Release System is so named because each time you release the Deadman handle all the pressure held within the Blast Pot is released back into the atmosphere. The pot is now depressurized and will again need to build pressure before you can resume blasting. This effectively takes more time. Note: A Pressure Release uses a Micro Combo Valve on the blast pot.

Pressure Hold Systems, on the other hand, retain both pressure and abrasive when you release the Deadman handle. This is accomplished by employing a Schmidt Thompson Valve which is able to close both the Air and Media valves. Because the pot stays pressurized there is no delay in resuming blasting. This improves efficiency.

When should you use each?

A Pressure Hold System is best for jobs where you are:

  1. Constantly starting and stopping blasting
  2. Involved in high production blasting
  3. Doing Spot Blasting and moving from one part of your surface to another
  4. Running long lengths of hose

In the above scenarios we always recommend using a Pressure Hold System. Our experience shows that using a Thompson Valve in a pressure hold system will save contractors about 10% of their abrasive costs by not releasing the abrasive alongside the pressure.

A Pressure Release System is best for jobs where:

  1. Your blast team are constantly running out of abrasive.

Combining this system with an overhead hopper is a smart way to automate the refilling of abrasive into the blast pot.

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