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Proper Decontamination

Don’t spread the filth.

Properly decontaminating workers on dangerous worksites, specifically blasting sites, is a huge issue. Each time workers leave a hazardous worksite, they are required to shower and change into clean clothes. In order to keep the dangerous dust and contamination in a controlled environment, a shower trailer is usually attached to the containment.

Workers will come into the trailer or area where they will take everything off that was possibly contaminated, such as pants, jackets, shoes, etc. The worker then goes into a wash-down area when the clothing items have been removed where they shower. Lastly, they go into a contamination-free locker room where they are able to get dressed in clean clothes and leave the area.



When workers are working around and with hazardous materials, especially during a blasting project, they can be exposed to many life-threatening substances. If these substances get onto their clothing or skin and the worker is not decontaminated when leaving the site, both the worker and the people around them could suffer from serious illnesses or even death.

The workers are able to remove all clothing that was contaminated throughout the day and deeply wash themselves before leaving the contaminated area.

When workers are on a project that has them working with toxic chemicals or removing lead based paints, there are many risks for them to consider. There is a chance that those chemicals could be soaked up through the digestive and respiratory systems. Removing all contaminated clothing and thoroughly washing themselves is extremely important before leaving the contaminated area, especially before eating or drinking anything.


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Suitable for 6-20 men\