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War on Dust

In regards to surface preparation, dust seems to be the #1 problem.


  • Causes harm to the environment
  • Leaves the blaster dirty
  • Causes health issues
  • Contaminates neighboring projects
  • Decreases blasting quality
  • Lowers visibility
  • Many more issues…

After all these years, we still can’t find a single positive thing about dust. We are going to provide four ways to eliminate, or reduce, dust on your worksites.

#1. Nozzle Pressure – This is the best solution in our eyes. Increasing nozzle pressure is extremely important. When you do this, the abrasive particles have to work harder, and you ultimately use less abrasive. When you use less abrasive, you decrease the dust levels due to the less abrasive breaking on impact.

You would think higher pressure equals more dust, but it’s actually the opposite due to the lower abrasive impact. Check out the Nozzle Pressure Chart to figure out what PSI you need to improve your productivity.

#2. Low Dust Abrasive – This is another important factor when it comes to reducing the dust on your job site. There are a lot of abrasives that are friable and exceptionally dusty, no matter what you are blasting. You can even decrease your dust levels by 90% by using a GMA Garnet that is a low dust abrasive. You will even end up using a lower amount of abrasive and even better, completing the job faster when using a high efficiency abrasive.

#3. Wetting the abrasive before blasting – “Mist blasting” significantly lowers the amount of dust. When you wet the abrasive, the amount of dust that is produced from the paint and by the abrasive is reduced. Dust typically comes from the abrasive particles and the pulverization of rust that gets blasted off steel.

#4. Water Jetting – Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting is a great way to prepare a surface. You can remove corrosion, rust, contaminants, and strip coating with just water alone. You may need to use a whip blast on the surface to finish it off, but that will be a quicker process which will save you from producing a lot of dust.

Be sure to contact BlastOne when selecting equipment for your upcoming projects. We will help you reduce the dust on your blasting jobs!

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