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Why You Should be Using Genuine Inner Lenses in Your Blast Helmet

Recently, there was a lawsuit against an operator who was not using the right equipment to keep his workers safe. Having a high quality inner lens is essential for blast helmets. If the operator would have given his workers inner lenses, he would not have been sued.

Having an inner lens on a blast helmet is extremely important to protect the helmet from rust chips that can spring back as a result of the compressed air. The outer lens is there to shield the inner lens, but in order to be safe, a high-grade inner lens is a key component in your blast helmet.

In order to know you have the right lenses, make sure to check the corner for a stamp to assure they are high quality. The correct inner lenses have been tested with a ball bearing launched at them at 200 mph without shattering, and have been heated and cooled to make sure they are at the highest standard. When blasting, make sure you are always wearing genuine inner lenses to stay safe.

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