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3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Spray Gun

In the market for a new Air Spray Gun?  Depending on the project specs, you could wind up with a tool that doesn’t do exactly what you need it to.  To help guide you to the proper choice, we offer our Top 3 considerations when selecting an air spray gun.

Consideration #1:  The chemical makeup of the coating

Coating Data Sheets offer practical recommendations, and coating manufacturers are great resources to recommend equipment that match the requirements of applying their specific coatings.

For example, zinc coatings require abrasion resistance components because of the abrasive makeup of the coating. Suitable air guns for spraying zinc coatings includes the Graco AirPro with an optional high-wear, tungsten-carbide, needle-nozzle combination.

Consideration #2:  The desired finish

What is the desired finish for this project?

A high-quality automotive finish and an industrial coating applied in a harsh environment have different aesthetic goals as well as application challenges.  The size of the needle-nozzle combination is the prominent difference between an automotive gun and an industrial spray-gun.  Fine finishes require a needle-nozzle set-up between 1.4-1.8mm (55-70 thou). Medium to Heavy Industrial work require set-ups between 1.8-2.8mm (70-110 thou). Some brands have even larger sizes. The Graco AirPro can span this entire spectrum from 1.4mm to 2.8mm.

Consideration #3: Ease of replacing inner components

At some point, contractors will be required to replace the inner needle on their air spray gun.  Finding a brand that is simple and easy to disassemble and repair will save you time and frustration when this moment comes.

Once again, we recommend taking a look at the Graco AirPro which is simple to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance and offers both a unique PEEK tip or stainless steel need tip for easy replacement.

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