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3 Tricks for Easier Spraying of High Solid Coatings

Looking to achieve an even spray pattern when the weather is a bit chillier and you have a high solids coating? With an epoxy pot life of 20 minutes, you have a few choices:

  • Increasing the size of your airless spray hose. Even using a slightly larger hose will increase your efficiency since you will be losing less pressure.
  • After using the spray pump, use an inline high pressure heater. You will see an enormous difference when increasing the temperature by even just 60 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Using a gravity fed spray gun (hopper). The paint coating would be fed into the sprayer. The sprayer is great for pushing out at high pressure, but they are not really made for sucking. This may require additional assistance.

When spraying high solids coatings, you should consider other elements such as solvents, cleaning and flushing, size of pump, size of tip, different filters, etc.

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