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Accurate Data Ensures Productivity & Success

Decisions based on accurate metrics yield the greatest outcomes

BlastOne has visited and consulted on more world-wide jobsites than all our competitors combined. Often when we are invited in to demonstrate or consult we need to understand the baseline metrics of their current workflow. Unfortunately, many times answers to our questions come in the form guesses, estimates, or “gut feelings.”
Would your site foreman answer in the following language?

  • We put about 3 bags of abrasive into the pot just before lunch
  • We blasted for roughly 8 hours today – give or take.
  • We blasted approximately 30 panels this week.
  • We put roughly about 20 pails of paint on today.

These answers are all vague generalizations with rough estimates. But we’ve heard even worse. We’ve heard foremen report to the project manager these updates:

  • Yeah we finished a large portion of the tank today
  • Today was pretty good, at least better than Monday.
  • Today was less than stellar. We had some challenges. Tomorrow we’ll try and catch up.

The ambiguity of this information is impracticable for accurate measuring or recording of data. What is needed is accurate and specific daily metrics. The habit of reporting specific daily metrics is the secret to success. Only with accurate information can foremen and supervisors make the proper and timely decisions necessary for executing the project safely and efficiently. Having the correct data allows management to assess, correct, plan, and execute at the appropriate time— or to foresee issues and challenges to scheduling that make a huge difference in profitability.
The result of accurate data ensures a successful project, increased profits and far less disappointments. Make sure you management teams are armed with clear and precise information. Make this a daily habit – and you will see that everyone involved has a more successful outcome.

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