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Bulk Blasters: An Ideal Unit for Tank Floors

When it comes to any business, efficient is always better than inefficient! Medium to large blasting projects are always measured in terms of days or weeks, not hours. Therefore, why use equipment that needs to be reloaded every 45-60 minutes when you can save time and money by using equipment that performs for several hours without stop? A typical blast pot eats away at your potential productivity by requiring that work stops each hour to refill the pot. However, a bulk blasting unit can blast for several hours without needing to reload with abrasive. This simple benefit keeps your blasters working on the project longer.

Not stopping to refill pots each hour means you immediately pick up an extra 10-20 minutes of productivity each hour. This is a 17-30% efficiency increase every hour.

Using a Mega-Blaster also lessens moisture problems. How? You’re simply not re-filling the blast pot with a new batch of moisture-laden compressed air every time you start blasting again.
Want more efficiency? Well it just so happens that bulk blasting units can serve several blasters at once. With the correct valve set up- a Thompson II™ metering valve and Hi-Flow air valves – all the blasters can operate independently of each other, reaping maximum air flow, minimum pressure loss, and less downtime due to abrasive refills.

And the best part is, BlastOne has Bulk Blaster Units for hire for you to test them out before ever investing in a purchase.

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