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CS Wind Inc., Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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About CS Wind

CS Wind Corporation is a wind tower manufacturer with global expertise, reliability, and quality. Their mission is: “We create a bright future for humans and nature.”

Why They Chose Blasting Robotics

CS Wind was looking for an effective method to abrasive blast the externals of new wind tower sections they were manufacturing in their Windsor ON, Canada facility.

Other options considered for this project included Wheel Blasting Technology, however, due to the requirement for a high standard in surface cleanliness and roughness, the wheel machine was not an option and CS Wind chose Blastman Robotics as the partner for blasting automation

Objectives for the Robotic Blast Cleaning Solution

Abrasive blast wind tower sections, fast, consistently and with minimum human labor intervention while maintaining the required specifications cleanliness and roughness that allowed the subsequent coating system to last for years.

Advantages of Automated
1. Considerable Savings in Production Costs
2. Increased Production Capacity
3. Remarkable Health and Safety Implications
4. Freedom to Use Any Abrasive Material
5. Desired Surface Cleanliness and Roughness
6. Slight Surface Shaping by Controlling the Blast Pressure
7. Working Lifts and Platforms Are Not Needed
8. Increased Fatigue Strength of Specific Welded Joints


CS Wind Installed three surface treatment lines each comprised of an abrasive blasting chamber and a painting room. Each abrasive blasting chamber has one Blastman B12 robot with two ¾” nozzles.

The Blastman B12 Blasting Robot is mounted to tracks on the Wall and has a 4-axis arm that can extend and swivel easily. Each arm can support 2 very large blast nozzles. This is the typical robot that is used for seemingly simple structures like wind towers.

Material Handling was an important consideration so specialized Product carts were utilized which use a system of in-ground tracks and purpose-built rollers to position the tower section exactly where it is needed.

The robot is programmed with the controls to coordinate the rolling of the tower in conjunction with the blast nozzle. In this facility blasting is done sector by sector: the robot runs from one end to the other one, where the roller bed rotates the tower element leaving a small overlap on the blasted sector, and the robot returns back. This is done until the tower element has rotated once around.


CS Wind’s facility is one of the most productive Wind Tower finishing facilities in North America. Their blast cleaning capacity with the robots is over 2500 ft2/h which is 10x the speed of typical manual blasting.

The resulting surface cleanliness and profile were achieved using Steel Grit as the selected abrasive, but with this system, it can be switched to another simply, if a future project required that, giving CS Wind more long-term versatility for their facility.

Robot programming gives degrees of freedom with 5 operational modes, including the roller bed rotation Parametric and Point-to-Point Automatic or joystick drive for manual touch up or programming.

Project Summary by the Numbers
1. Three Complete Blasting and Painting lines
2. 3x 4-Axis B12 Blastman Robots
3. Blast Cleaning Speed of 2,500ft2/hr per robot
4. Purpose Built Material Handling carts with tower rolling capability
CS Wind Corporation
CS Wind Corporation
CS Wind Corporation
CS Wind Corporation
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