We help Industrial Painting Contractors complete their projects Faster, Safer, Cleaner.

We do this through Innovation, Training and Fanatical Customer Service. The impact on our customer's Productivity and Profits is a Competitive Advantage we call Performance3

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Serving the Blasting and Coating Industry Since 1975

Rules and regulations are changing in the industries that blasting contractors are found in, all the time, and contractors often find themselves faced with a challenge of a new project or a new regulation that they have not met before.

BlastOne are here to help contractors with “real world” experiences, we’ve worked on projects that don’t always pan out the way we’ve planned. Timelines are affected by many obstacles. Regulations are tighter than anticipated, and even the most experienced blast and paint crew can be challenged to deal with a myriad of changing site conditions.


BlastOne Performance3 is our brand promise, it is that commercial success for our clients occurs, when you combine superior know-how with superior abrasives and equipment.


Superior Abrasives

Choosing the right abrasive can have a tremendous impact on your effectiveness, timeliness, maintenance, and your bottom line. We are committed to sourcing and supplying abrasives that perform well across all applications, in all conditions.

Superior Equipment

With years of experience behind us, BlastOne has developed a range of excellent high-production blasting equipment. When correctly set up and operated at its full potential, our equipment can double the productivity of most average blasters.

Superior Know-How

Recognized and respected for outstanding customer service and technical excellence. We’ll work with you to create the ideal system for your purposes, assist with the design, build, installation, training and after-sales support. BlastOne provides tailor-made solutions, cleaner results, safer working environments and a better bottom line.

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