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How to Keep Your Worksite Safe

You need to make sure the public is protected from anything dangerous on your worksite. You can make sure this happens by putting up a cyclone fence.

If inspectors came to your site tomorrow, do you think your worksite is in line with regulations?

Check out our suggestions to keep your worksite safe.


In order for the dust collector or fans to remove the dusty air in a safe manner, the containment sheeting has to fit well.


Operator safety equipment is key in making sure your workers are safe. Workers need breathable air that has no oils or hazardous gases in it. Workers need a system that filters all of those toxins out of the air they are breathing in. On an even more serious note, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are life threatening if inhaled. If you inhale carbon monoxide, your respiratory system could completely shut down within just two minutes.
Check out BlastOne’s respiratory solutions.


There’s often not enough space on the job site for equipment, which causes job site space restrictions. Equipment like Vacuum Recovery Systems, vehicles, Mega Blasters, and Dust Collectors can take up a lot of space.

For an example project worksite layout, head to pages 272-273 in the BlastOne Catalog. This illustration will show you proper equipment arrangement and containment sheeting. This layout will make sure that emergency vehicles and services can easily enter your job site if necessary.


Keeping visitors safe on the worksite is extremely important. Whether it’s specifiers or inspectors, there are safety requirements you need to follow to ensure their safety. A great way to keep up a high safety standard is to have visitors register with a sign-in desk prior to entering the job site and assigning any required Personal Protective Equipment.

To eliminate health risks, specifically when there’s coating being removed, your visitors need to know about specific PPE that’s required. This could include gloves, a respiratory system, overalls, and/or eye protection.

Make sure to follow the above safety tips in order to keep your worksite safe!

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