Sandblasting Dust Collection and Extraction Equipment Buying Guide

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Industrial portable dust collectors are essential to an onsite abrasive blasting project. Portable dust collectors catch dust from the sandblasting process. Our equipment is available for hazardous & non-hazardous dust, including lead, zinc, & chromates, commonly found in the removal of old coatings. BlastOne portable dust collectors are available from 6,000 cfm to 100,000 cfm.

With over 40 years of experience in sandblasting dust collection equipment & systems for sale and rent, BlastOne has seen a lot of different projects and requirements for different types of equipment. We trust this page will help you understand what type we recommend for your sandblasting application.

BlastOne is America’s undisputed industry expert, and provide unparalleled support from our teams in branch offices across all major centers in the USA from California to Ohio, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Your Dust Collection Necessary Project is Within our Scope

From the smallest to the largest dust collectors, BlastOne has the largest range of hire dust collectors in the United States.

Air Movers and Black Max Ventilation Fans for Sandblasting Dust Collectors


The Black Max fan is a rugged and portable ventilation fan, that is used with a dust sock. This fan can be used either as dust extraction, or simple an air mover to keep the blasters vision clear. Non-Toxic dust collection only

Options include

  • Pneumatic air powered – 10,000 cfm of nominal airflow
  • Single Phase Electric – 6,800+ cfm of nominal airflow


  • Control of visible, non-toxic, nuisance dust
  • Blasting under 10 hours per week
  • Economical Startup Blaster
  • Highly portable

12,000 – 40,000 cfm Sandblasting Dust Collectors – for jobsite hire

dust collector equipment buying guides

BlastOne Dust Collectors are designed to ventilate your blasting containment, withstand the weather of a jobsite, be easy to transport, easy to use and require low maintenance. Typically, these dust collectors are rented by contractors who are blasting bridges, tanks or working in industrial facilities.

When blasting off lead paint or other hazardous materials, containment of the blasting site and adequate dust collection is a must. These dust collectors use a high-powered diesel engine and are built onto a trailer or a skid frame for more portability when in the yard or jobsite.

Sizes available for Rent USA wide from coast to coast

  • 6,000 cfm Dust Collector
  • 12,000 cfm Dust Collector
  • 20,000 cfm Dust Collector
  • 27,000 cfm Dust Collector
  • 40,000 cfm Dust Collector


  • Ventilation of Hazardous Dust
  • Lead paint removal projects
  • Tanks, Bridges and facility containments
  • Available for Rent or Purchase

Blastroom Fixed Installation Sandblasting Dust Collectors

dust collector equipment buying guides

When you install a blastroom, a critical component is your dust collector. Keeping the air clear of nuisance dust is very important so that your operators can safely blast and move around and control the dust from floating through the entire plant.

There are many considerations that you will need to think about.

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Whatever your project requirements, BlastOne has the rental range, the service personnel, the reputation and the passion to support you onsite or at your workplace.

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Equipment Inspections

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Equipment Modernization and Retrofits

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Extended Warranty

Unique Sandblasting Dust Collector Ordering Considerations

When you are looking to buy or rent an abrasive blasting dust collector, there are a few considerations that you want to think about. We’ll discuss a few of them here, but to really learn more, contact one of our team, they are experts in advising what equipment will get your job done the safest and the fastest.

Power Options – Electric or Diesel Powered?

Something must power that big fan that is creating all that ventilation and you have a choice if it is electric or diesel… Basically, if you have a good source of electric power on your jobsite, you will want to use an electric unit, they are cheaper to run.

Most blasting project sites don’t have the convenience of a good source of electric power, so therefore most of BlastOne’s rental fleet is diesel powered – you can use them anywhere…
Some Dust collectors are available with a hybrid Electric and Diesel motor which allows you to optimize your energy requirements per jobsite.

Diesel dust collector fuel consumption Rates

  • 12,000 cfm Dust Collector – 17.3 G/h @1800rpm
  • 20,000 cfm Dust Collector – 17.3 G/h @1800rpm
  • 27,000 cfm Dust Collector – 14.6 G/h @1800rpm
  • 40,000 cfm Dust Collector – 17.3 G/h @1800rpm

Air Supply requirements for the reverse pulse on the diesel dust collectors

Dust Collectors also need a source of compressed air for the reverse pulse system to work. The reverse pulse system sends a sudden wave of air down through the cartridges to dislodge any dust build up on the cartridges. This extends cartridge life and effective use.

  • 12,000 cfm Dust Collector – 50 cfm of air @ 100psi
  • 20,000 cfm Dust Collector – 60 cfm of air @ 100psi
  • 27,000 cfm Dust Collector – 80 cfm of air @ 100psi
  • 40,000 cfm Dust Collector – 80 cfm of air @ 100psi

Other Components you need to buy with a Dust Collector

When you rent a dust collector you are likely to also need to purchase the following.

Flexible Vacuum Hose

heavy duty ducting dust collectors buying guides

This is Heavy duty ducting that has a tough coated membrane wrapping around and strong reinforcing ribs for suction applications. This ducting compacts up or concertinas for easy of transport and storage. It is flexible enough to go around corners.

  • If your project is over 2 months in duration, you can hire the ducting, otherwise it is to be purchased.
  • For hazardous lead paint removal projects, the ducting must be purchased.
  • BlastOne Dust Collectors use 24” ducting.

UltraWeb Filters for Sandblasting Dust Collectors

Using good quality filters is very important when it comes to dust collectors. It is the filter that collects all the dust! BlastOne dust collectors are lined with Teflon and are built to extend the life of the filter.  Airflow enters the collection chamber in a unique way and is part of the reason that filters in BlastOne dust collectors have a life expectancy of up to 10 years. (Just ask the guys at the Sydney Harbor Bridge!)

UltraWeb Filters used in our dust collectors have a 99.95% efficiency ratio, which make them suitable for lead projects and hazardous dust containment, this is a Merv 10 rating.

  • For hazardous lead paint removal projects, the filters must be purchased and disposed of by the hirer.

How many Cartridges come in a BlastOne Rental Dust Collector?

  • 12,000 cfm Dust Collector – 20 filters
  • 20,000 cfm Dust Collector – 30 filters
  • 27,000 cfm Dust Collector – 36 filters
  • 40,000 cfm Dust Collector – 56 filters

Containment Sheeting

blastclad heady duty sheeting dust collector hire buying guide

Containment Sheeting is a vital component of a blasting jobsite ventilation system. Since the recent fires and disasters in Sydney CBD and the Grenfell towers, more and more asset owners are specifying that contractors use fire retardant containment. You also have options in the strength and longevity of the containment, the longer your project, the heavier duty you will want to purchase, the last thing you want is your containment coming apart part way through a lead paint removal project.

Filter Sheeting is available – this is breathable, but will retain dust and overspray.

Options and sizes of containment sheeting available

FR Premium
FR Standard
Filter Sheeting
Flame Retardant
Standard Sizes
2.0 x 45m
4.0 x 45m
2.0 x 45m
4.0 x 45m
2.0 x 45m
4.0 x 45m
2.0 x 45m
4.0 x 45m
3.15 x 50m

Common Accessories Rented along with a  sandblasting Dust Collector

Ring our consultants today on 1-800-999-1881 to discuss your industrial sandblasting dust collector requirements.

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