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BlastOne has nearly 50 years of experience in design, engineering, and servicing paint rooms and booths in America, Australia, and globally. BlastOne is the undistributed industry expert. BlastOne has a unique process to conceptualize design and build high-performance spray paint rooms and booths for many industrial applications – from small, containerized rooms to multi-million-dollar paint facilities.


An enclosed and ventilated workroom is the ideal way to ensure your paint is mixed and measured accurately, therefore providing the right ingredients for the perfect paint job. Our Paint Mixing Rooms are versatile and adaptable and can be attached to any painting facility to enhance production and complement compliance.


  • Why would I install a Paint Mixing Room?

    • A Paint Mixing Room provides a clean and enclosed environment for the preparation of paint prior to spraying it onto the job – (mixing, thinning, tinting, straining, etc).
    • It can also provide a confined and tidy work area for spray equipment clean-up and servicing.

  • What is different or unique about a Paint Mixing Room?

    • A Paint Mixing Room is a Hazardous Zone so it needs ventilation and interlocking to ensure it is a safe area to work.
    • Although ventilation is imperative, the capacity required is much less than a spray booth.

  • What special considerations are there with Paint Mixing Rooms?

    • The lighting is interlocked with the Exhaust Fan to ensure nothing happens inside without the Exhaust System operating.
    • It is recommended a Paint Mixing room adjoins a Spray Booth to enable direct access from one to the other.
    • This ensures a clean environment can be maintained and contained. However, it is still necessary to have an access door for external access and emergency escape.

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