Binks 140B solvent Spray Gun assembly

Binks 140B solvent Spray Gun assembly

SKU: BI653000001

The Binks® 140B gun is ruggedly built and is used for solvent cleaning of engines and other industrial equipment.


  • Brass body
  • 10″ nozzle tube length, for hard-to-reach places
  • Includes a length of ¼” tubing with a hose clamp to siphon solvent from a container
  • ¼” NPS air inlet, requiring 14 cfm
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Binks 140B solvent Spray Gun assembly

Sku: BI653000001

The Binks 140-B Brass / 140B Series Spray Gun is engineered for precision and comfort. It features an extra-wide trigger that enhances user control, making it ideal for extended use in certain industrial cleaning applications. The spray gun's large control knobs allow for easy adjustments, and the ergonomic forged aluminum body ensures it is both lightweight and durable.
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