Bullard COHP 10PPM Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Bullard COHP 10PPM Carbon Monoxide Monitor


The Bullard COHP is a stand-alone Carbon Monoxide monitor, and is designed to be used in tandem with a Bullard breathing air canister filtration system.  Additional details include:

  • Does NOT remove carbon monoxide – this is a monitor only.
  • This 10PPM unit is intended for the USA market.  (5PPM versions available for other Canada and other markets.)
  • Provides audible (90dB) and visual alarms when high CO, low battery, or low airflow conditions are present.
  • Operates on either AC or DC power.
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Bullard COHP 10PPM Carbon Monoxide Monitor


The Bullard COHP 10ppm Carbon Monoxide Monitor (SKU: APCMBCOHP) represents a pivotal safety tool in industrial settings. This monitor, while not removing CO, plays a vital role in detecting carbon monoxide levels, ensuring the safety of users in tandem with Bullard's breathing air canister filtration systems. Designed primarily for the USA market with a 10PPM detection level, it also comes in a 5PPM version for Canada and other international markets.
  • Specifically Designed for Safety: Monitors carbon monoxide levels without removal capabilities
  • Market-Specific Sensitivity: 10PPM unit for the USA, with a 5PPM version for other markets
  • Reliable Alarms: Features both audible (90dB) and visual warnings for high CO levels
  • Additional Safety Alerts: Includes notifications for low battery and airflow conditions
  • Integration with Bullard Systems: Works seamlessly with Bullard air canister filtration units
  • Versatile Power Options: Compatible with both AC and DC power sources
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