Chlor*Rid Liquid Soluble Salt Remover

  • Chlor*Rid is a liquid soluble salt remover, which includes chlorides, nitrates, and sulfates
  • Typically used as part of the surface preparation process prior to application of coatings.
  • Apply using a pressure washer before you blast.
  • Removing them prior to blasting means they will not be blasted into your profile and decrease the risk of coating failures
  • Sold in 5-gallon drums
  • Genuine products – manufactured by Chlor-Rid

Chlor*Rid Liquid Soluble Salt Remover

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Effectively removes soluble salts that cause coatings to blister and fail prematurely. These salts are chlorides, nitrates, and sulfates. Prevents coating failure on steel structures. Comes in 5-gallon (20 L) drums. Compatible with all coatings. Bio-degradable. No rinse required. Chlor*Rid vs HoldBlast Rust Inhibitors – what’s the difference? Chlor*Rid – removes the salts from the surface and contains an amino acid that will solubilize the salt on the surface Hold Blast – CHRUSTEX – rust inhibitor holds the blast, it has an amino alcohol that will displace topical surface salts and water – meaning that rust blooms will not form   How long does a 5-gallon pail of Hold Blast last? How much do I need to buy when renting a MistBlaster™? Chlor*Rid is 1:100 or 1:50 mix A MistBlaster™ skid has a 40-gallon tank, so you can get 6 refills. Typically a pail will last 2-3 days, depending on how much washdown you do. If mist blasting only, not washing down it will last 5-6 days. When do I use Chlor*Rid? If the salts on the surface are not too high and you are doing mist blasting or vapor blasting, you can use Hold Blast, but if the salts are too high, or you have a leaching issue or Chlor*Rid is specified, you will need to use Chlor*Rid that breaks down the salts.  The allowable ppm of salts will dictate whether you use Chlor*Rid.