DeFelsko® PosiTector® SST Abrasives Test Kit


The DeFelsko® PosiTector® SST Abrasives Test Kit measures soluble salts in blast cleaning abrasives. Designed for compliance with ASTM D4940 and ISO 11127-6, this portable kit includes everything needed to accurately assess contamination levels: two glass beakers, one plastic beaker, a plastic funnel, paper filters, 1L deionized water, 60ml certified conductivity standard, and a stainless mixing rod, all encased in a durable plastic case. Ensure the purity of your abrasives and the quality of your surface preparation with ease.

  • Designed for ASTM D4940 and ISO 11127-6 compliance.
  • Portable kit includes glass and plastic beakers, funnel, filters, deionized water, conductivity standard, and mixing rod.
  • Enables accurate measurement of soluble salt contamination in abrasives.
  • Includes certified conductivity standard for meter accuracy verification.
  • All components neatly organized in a hard plastic case for field or lab use.

DeFelsko® PosiTector® SST Abrasives Test Kit

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The DeFelsko® PosiTector® SST Abrasives Test Kit is a meticulously assembled set of tools designed to empower professionals in accurately determining the concentration of soluble salt contaminants within blast cleaning abrasives. This comprehensive kit is an indispensable resource for ensuring that your surface preparation meets the highest standards of quality and safety, as dictated by ASTM D4940 and ISO 11127-6.

Fully portable and equipped with a range of precision instruments, the kit allows for the quick and efficient testing of abrasives, whether in the field or the laboratory. The inclusion of both glass and plastic beakers, along with a plastic funnel and paper filters, facilitates the preparation and filtration of samples. The provided 1L of deionized water and 60ml certified conductivity standard, coupled with a stainless mixing rod, ensure that each test is conducted with the utmost accuracy and reliability.

The calibration solution included within the kit serves not only to verify the accuracy of your PosiTector SST or other conductivity meters but also comes with a Certificate of Analysis for added assurance. Additionally, the kit’s consumables, such as the certified conductivity standard and deionized water, are readily available for replenishment, ensuring long-term utility and effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive kit tailored for accurate soluble salts measurement in abrasives.
  • Facilitates compliance with critical industry standards ASTM D4940 and ISO 11127-6.
  • Portable and complete with essential testing components for field and lab use.
  • Calibration solution with Certificate of Analysis ensures meter accuracy.
  • Easy replenishment of consumables for sustained testing efficiency.